Special Events: Valentine’s Day

Is there a day in existence that places love and romance on such a pedestal like Valentine’s Day?

What is Valentine’s Day?

While Valentine’s Day did not begin its romantic connotations until the 14th century beginning with a simple piece of poetry, the day has become a symbol among many countries for being the single day of the year that is solely devoted to the ideals which make romance so inspiring and fulfilling to so many men and women.

Who doesn’t dream of that perfect love? Who doesn’t yearn for that special one and only, whether that person is already in your life or the person you are dating has “potential”.

Romance is the perfection of the love we carry inside and the longing to give that love to someone very special and deserving.

So, when it comes to St. Valentine’s Day, how do you celebrate it with your loved one?

Do you wake him or her up with chocolates? Do you wake your girlfriend or wife up being showered in rose petals, silk-laced gifts, and the finest sweets this side of the Atlantic?

Do you plan a romantic lunch or dinner complete with a fine wine, roses, and gifts?

How about dinner at one of the most ritzy establishments in town? You know the one. The place you call that takes an hour on hold to make reservations? The place that your spouse is simply dying to go to.

Or, are you planning a trip to a vineyard, a park, or a hermitage?

In any case, whatever your plans are, I’m sure making style and class a part of your travel is a high priority.

Booking a Limousine

A limousine means more than simply providing your significant other with classy wheels for the evening.

A limo is representative of the respect you have for your loved one’s happiness, and that you are willing to illuminate that respect through symbolism. Why, Valentine’s Day in and of itself is symbolism.

Symbolism in the name of love is what the expression of love is all about.

Imagine, spending your evening with each other in luxury and elegance. Being catered to by an experienced and professional driver, amenities like a fully stocked bar, beverages of your choice, beautiful crystal glasses, your favorite romantic songs, and tinted windows. It’s like your favorite night club except you both are the only ones there. Your romantic limo adventure will allow you the utmost in privacy.

When you book your limo, it’s always best to do it well in advance of Valentine’s Day. There are thousands of people doing this months in advance to ensure they have a reservation. You don’t want to call in the weeks preceding the big day just to find that the limos you prefer are already booked.

Call us today and book your reservation and to discuss the special things you would like included in your St. Valentine’s Day package.