San Joaquin Valley Nightlife: Top 10 Dance Clubs

Planning a fun night out in San Joaquin Valley? Here are the top ten dance clubs in the San Joaquin and surrounding areas.


  1. TX Night Club

If you prefer being among a slightly older crowd, you will love this club. Most of the people attending are over 30, but everyone dances like mad during the weekends! The DJs are especially impressive.


  1. Tropicana Night Club

While it can be a $10 to $20 charge to get in, you are sure to have a blast. It is one of the hottest nightclubs in the area. It is the place where you want to be seen! And if you are spotted bar or nightclub hopping in a limo, you will make an even better impression on everyone.


  1. Palladium Nightclub

Want to check out an outlandish nightclub where everyone is dressed in the most unusual attire? Palladium Nightclub is for you! It is the type of place you have to see to properly understand. We recommend visiting it at least one time!


  1. Paradise Nightclub

The drinks are cheap, crowd is always friendly and the music is great during the weekends. Friday and Saturday night at Paradise Nightclub is always a mad rush. Arriving in a limo is a fantastic way to impress others, while it is a lot more convenient than trying to find a parking spot.


  1. Waterfront Warehouse

One of the underrated clubs in the San Joaquin area. It is located in Stockton and the weekends are always exciting at Waterfront Warehouse.


  1. Climax Bar and Nightclub

Ready to experience the best San Joaquin’s nightlife has to offer? Climax Bar and Nightclub is right up there! To shake things up, they even have themed nights during the year.


  1. Rubie’s Night Club

While the aesthetics are not great, you will find cheap drinks and a lot of fun people in the Rubie’s area. It is a lot livelier during the weekends, as the place can seem a little quiet during weeknights.


  1. Bogey’s

A fun place to grab a few drinks, dance with some friends and have a wonderful Friday night. Bogey’s is under new management lately and they have made some impressive changes to the location.


  1. Shboom Nightclub

A newly renovated location that gives off a very classy vibe throughout the year. An amazing spot to grab some dinner and a few drinks. There is also a nightclub/dancing section that is over 21. All types of people are present here. It is one of the most diverse nightclubs in the area!


  1. The Rusty Hook

Great atmosphere, aesthetics, and space. The DJ on Friday and Saturday nights is amazing!