Pokémon Go: Catch Them in Style

Hunt for Elusive Pokémon in Fresno in a Stylish Limo

Pokémon Go is a fantastically fun game to play; this geo-location based app has taken the world by storm and people are taking to the streets in their thousands to hunt for Nintendo’s pocket monsters. If you are hooked on the game and want to search for Dragonite and Gyarados in style, then a Limo service is the perfect way to gather your fellow teammates and travel to the areas you know are abundant with Pokémon.


What’s a Pocket Monster?

If you are not aware of what Pokémon are, or what Pokémon Go is, here’s a brief summary. Pokémon is a franchise developed by Nintendo; the fantasy world contains creatures called Pokémon who come in various shapes and forms. There are trading card games, cartoon series, and computer games all based on these monsters. Pokémon Go is a game developed by Niantic. In essence, you have to travel around the real-world and catch Pokémon. Using your phone’s GPS, the app will track your movements and Pokémon will appear at random for you to catch. The game promotes exercise, cooperation and the outdoors, and is a real break from traditional “stay at home” gaming. Hardcore Pokémon Go players appreciate the game’s subtle nuances and are continually looking at ways to complete their Pokedex and take down high-ranking gyms.


Why Would a Limousine Service be Beneficial?

Fresno is a large area to cover if you are a Pokémon Go player – With over 20km of streets and cityscape, you will be hard pushed to find all the best Pokestops and Pokémon Nests on foot. You may be able to walk to the local park, but maybe you have heard about a particularly good spot for catching Pokémon on the other side of the city? Why not hire a Limo for you and your friends and travel to these other destinations and fully explore the Fresno area to see what you can find?


Some other benefits of hiring a limousine service for Pokémon Go include:


– Plan a route with the driver to stop at various Pokestops, Gyms, and Nests.

– Hunt in style in a fully air-conditioned and comfortable setting.

– Enjoy the complimentary drinks and charging stations.

– If you want to stop off and explore a park or certain area, we can accommodate!

– Bring your whole team! Our limos have space for up to 24 players


As you can see, a limo is a truly fantastic and memorable mode of transport to use for you and your friends to enjoy a day of Pokémon Go exploration! Before you know it, you will be scouring Fresno, and catching more Pokémon than you can imagine. If you want to hunt in style and be very best, then get in touch today and start planning your Pokémon Go adventure in the Fresno CA area!