Limousine Rental Services: The Death of the Uber

There was a time when people assumed that Uber and similar services would be the death knell for limousine rental service companies and chauffeured transportation.

However, the opposite has occurred, and customers have begun to see why chauffeured transportation offers more value and return on investment as compared to Uber.

And all it took was a bit of modernization on the part of limousine rental service companies. Here is how they adapted and signaled the death of the Uber.

Limousine companies were feeling the heat when Uber first came out with its app in major cities. Business and elite clients could rent a luxury Uber in a more convenient way than having to call a limousine rental company.

However, they were also getting an inferior service, even if they were paying for the premium Uber vehicles. They were still sitting in the back of someone else’s vehicle, and having to deal with drivers who would spend 90 percent of the trip staring at their smartphone.

Not only did clients feel unsafe and a little bit uncomfortable with Uber, but they did not feel they were getting value for money.

The only problem was that it was so convenient to pick up a smartphone and request a car. They preferred that to calling a limousine company and spending five minutes on the phone with someone before getting their car.


Limousine Rental Companies Introduce Mobile Apps

The major change made by limousine rental companies involved the introduction of mobile apps.

The best limousine rental company in your city will have a mobile app, where you can register for an account and have all your information stored. If you have a rolling service with the company, all you need to do is click a few buttons and your next vehicle request is complete.

If you are putting in a new request, it does not take that much longer either. In the time it takes to call an Uber, you have now hired a much better and more reliable transportation service.


Exceptional Service and Amenities

The reason why Uber cannot compete with chauffeured transportation is because of the value that you are getting.

When you rent a luxury vehicle through a limousine rental service, you are getting the very best.

Your car is gorgeous and in wonderful condition, your driver is a seasoned professional who is thoroughly vetted, polite and very helpful, and you are getting a ton of other amenities too.

A limo is not complete without some champagne and snacks for travelers, while you can request specific amenities when renting a luxury sedan for business purposes.

While limousine companies cannot compete with the sheer number of Uber drivers who are out in major cities, clients know that quantity is not quality. Uber could have 100 drivers out at a time, but when you are requesting a car from a chauffeured transportation company, you know that you are getting the best. Your car will be there early, your driver will provide you with a wonderful experience, and you will get to your destination in style.