How Much Does a Limousine Cost?

It is the ultimate question that most people ask when they are thinking about renting a car service. How much does a limo cost? The answer may surprise a lot of people. When they ask, how much does a limousine service charge, they are expecting to hear about prices in the hundreds to thousands of dollars.

But limousines are a lot more affordable. The base rate for limousine services in the area is anywhere from $20 to $25 per hour. And when you are considering that rate, remember that you are getting the car and driver for the full hour. You can go wherever you want – as there are no added mileage charges.


How Much Does a Limousine Cost?

If you are curious about how much does a limo cost, you will be happy to know that rates are very affordable. The best limousine providers, such as Touch of Class, offer competitive rates to both individuals and businesses. If you are planning to rent a limo for three hours on Friday night, you should not be paying more than $60 or $70. Of course, you can tip your driver if you enjoy the service, but it is not mandatory.

On the surface, paying $60 for three hours’ worth of transportation seems like a lot. But when you look at the different amenities you are getting, it is a very affordable figure. Unlike taxis and Uber, you are not charged per mile. You are paying a flat rate to rent a car and driver for a specific amount of time. You could spend the entire three hours driving around the city and it would be the same cost!


How Much Does a Limousine Service Charge for Special Events?

The base rate for limousines is for everyday rides. If you are going to the airport, attending a business event, or needing a ride to various bars and clubs around town. Special events usually come with higher prices, because you are getting a lot more in the package.

For instance, limousine rates can rise to $50 or $100 per hour if you are renting a larger vehicle or a party bus. These rates are great for events like weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties and business functions.

Renting a party bus for $100 per hour is still a very good deal. You can fit anywhere from 20 to 35 people, depending on the bus you choose, and you get your car and driver for the entire night.

No matter why you need a limousine, or what type of vehicle you are seeking, there are some very affordable options. Riding a limousine is not just for the rich!