Hey Modesto, California: Ditch the Uber and Hire a Limo

Visiting Modesto for a few days? Planning some nights out with friends and family? Perhaps a few sightseeing trips? Modesto is a wonderful place to check out. Not only do you have so many historical sites, such as the McHenry Mansion and the State Theatre, but you will be able to enjoy great artistic performances, bars, clubs and restaurants. There is always something fun to enjoy in Modesto.


Getting Around the Area

The only downside to visiting is that you cannot rely on public transportation in the area. It is okay if you know all the routes and need to get to work. But if you are visiting the area or planning a fun night, you do not want to deal with buses and long walks. Traveling in style is much preferred!


Ditch Uber

It is tempting to just Uber everywhere in Modesto. But you will soon find that Uber can be unreliable. Your driver may not know the best routes, they can take 15 or 20 minutes to show up, and the rates shoot up during busy hours.


Hire a Luxury Limo

The best way to get around the Modesto area is by renting a limo. If you are planning a trip for a few days, renting a limo for the duration is the safest bet. You will get an upfront rate for the driver and car. You will know what you are paying. And you can use the service as much as you want during that period.

Whether you go to five or ten places during the day, you pay the same amount. And you can easily have some wonderful nights with your friends too. Bar and club hopping is so much better when you have a limo waiting for you outside. You never have to worry about whether the Uber driver is arriving. And you certainly will not need to deal with the possibility of someone driving after drinking.

Enjoy Your Vacation in Modesto

You are only here for a few days. You are getting some friends together to relive your high school or college days. Or you are visiting family. Either way, it is a special trip you should enjoy. Stressing about transportation can interfere with that enjoyment. Rent a limo for the duration of your trip and you can get around the area in style – and worry-free! You will have the time of your life in Modesto!