Ground Transportation for Surgeons, Physicians and Transplant Coordinators

Surgeons and physicians have such important jobs. They are saving lives every single day, whether they are operating as part of a routine procedure, or they are acting in emergency to save a patient in the ER. Not only do surgeons and physicians have to ensure they are well rested, but they need to be at different locations on time if they are going to help all their patients.

Hospitals have a choice to make with respect to their physicians and surgeons. Do they want them to be handling their own transportation, or do they want to offer assistance in this area? There are so many reasons to ensure that physicians, surgeons and transplant coordinators have their transportation handled by the hospital.

The biggest reason is to ensure that medical professionals are not tiring themselves out by driving throughout the day. Many people assume that driving is relaxing, but not when you are driving to and from work each day. And not if you need to drive large distances to get to work. If you have doctors and physicians who go through a 30 or 45 minute drive just to get to the hospital, it makes so much sense to have chauffeured transportation provided for them.

Not only will a surgeon and physician feel valued at that hospital, but it ensures they are able to rest and get in the zone for work as they are sitting in the back of the car. They will arrive at the hospital ready to help, instead of arriving in a bad mood because they had to go through rush hour traffic just to get there.

Chauffeured transportation is even more necessary in the medical profession, where doctors are known to pull shifts of more than 12 hours at a time. The last thing any hospital needs is a physician getting into an accident after driving home following a 20-hour surgery.