Carpool in Style: Chauffeured Sedan Service

Whenever you imagine carpooling, you probably think of getting in a mini-van with five or six other people and waiting for ages before they get dropped off at their various locations.

And you are probably right. Carpooling with others is a great way to save on gas, but it does not always lend to the best traveling experience – especially for business travelers. When you get out of the house in the morning, you must be at work at a certain time. Being late is not an option.

And that is why you need to think about carpooling with a chauffeured sedan service.

With a chauffeured sedan service, you get all the benefits of carpooling without any of the negatives.

It is the ideal service for a business traveler who wants to use a shared travel vehicle. Using the service would allow you to have the peace of mind that you are being chauffeured, while coming at a fraction of the cost of renting a vehicle for yourself.

And if you are concerned about the speed and punctuality of the service, there is nothing to fear. Everything is designed with the business traveler in mind. The best car service company will have a policy that ensures everyone gets to their destination on time.

By using a chauffeured car service, you will be paired with one or two other individuals.

The two or three individuals who are using the same vehicle are picked up and dropped off in order. You will be picked up and dropped off based on your requested times. And the pairings are created to ensure that no one is compromised for time.

For instance, one person may need to get dropped off at 730am, while the other individual does not need to get to work until 8am.

Individuals who want to save even more on such a service need look no further than the company’s customer loyalty program.

For each dollar that is spent on the chauffeured sedan service, customers earn loyalty points that can be used towards future discounts. These discounts can be applied to shared or individual travel, or redeemed for travel miles, hotel discounts and much more. Detailed information about the company’s customer loyalty program is available on the website. The program ensures that carpooling customers are saving in two ways: by sharing a ride and using the same service for each trip.

If you are hoping to carpool to work because you want to save money, or help the environment, a chauffeured sedan service is the way to go.

It offers you all the perks that you would get from carpooling in someone else’s car, while having the assurance that you are being driven to and from work by a professional driver who will get you there safely and on time. You will receive a complimentary bottle of water in the car, and there will always be reading material in the cars for our customers to enjoy. This is the way to carpool – with style!