After the Wedding: Give Her a Surprise She’ll Remember

Everyone focuses on the wedding ceremony when they are planning for this momentous day. So much planning goes into the dress, suits, flowers, picking the venue and figuring out the guest list. But what about the moments right after the wedding?


Surprise Your New Bride

Your bride probably assumes that you two will take your regular car to the reception. It is the sensible option. Most people believe that limos are too expensive for such short trips. But renting a limo is an affordable transportation solution, especially if you keep your driver for the rest of the day.

It will be incredible to see your wife’s reaction when she sees a decked out limo outside the venue, ready to take the both of you to the reception! You can sip champagne in the back seat, celebrate the successful completion of your wedding and head to the next destination.


Take a Limo to Your Honeymoon

Most couples book their honeymoon for right after the wedding reception. It is a smart idea, as it saves you a trip back home. Whether you are heading to a hotel or resort nearby, or you are going to the airport, you can take your limo there too!

Your driver will stay at the wedding reception, waiting for all the festivities to conclude. You have already booked the car and driver for the day, so you are not being charged anything extra. It is all a part of the affordable package. Simply text your driver when you are a few minutes away from leaving and they will bring the car around the front.


Ride Safely and in Style

Weddings are an occasion to celebrate. Everyone likes to have a good time. It is no surprise if most people have consumed a few too many drinks by the time the reception is over. You are constantly toasting, trying out different drinks from the bar and having a blast! The last thing you should do is try and drive home.

Do not take such a risk, especially on your wedding night! Do not ask a friend or family member to drive you either – as they have probably been drinking. No one needs to be the designated driver when you have rented a limo for the day!

Your driver will be alert and ready to take you anywhere you need to go. Sit back, relax and enjoy your ride. You got married today – it is your moment to enjoy the best things in life!