5 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Chauffeured Transportation

Most people know about limousines from a passing distance, having seen them on the road or heard about how people take them to fancy events. But there is so much that people do not know about chauffeured transportation. Here are five things I bet you did not know about chauffeured transportation.


  1. Limos are Not a Brand

Many people think limos are a car brand, but it is more about the design of the car. Many of the top car manufacturers in the world produce limos.


  1. Limos Come in Different Designs

Modern limos are very unique in terms of how they are designed. You can get the regular limousine, limo buses, motor vans and stretch SUVs.


  1. Limos are Affordable

Far too many people have the idea that limousines are a luxury that only the very rich, or major companies, can afford. It is simply not true. When limos are rented for a special event, or the bill is shared among many people who will travel together, limos can be incredibly affordable.


  1. Limos Can Handle Long Distances

Another misconception about limos that we hear is how they are only useful if you are going a short distance. But it does not matter if you are traveling 20 minutes away, or you will spend 5 hours on the highway. A limo can handle either job without a problem.


  1. First Limo Was Made in Arkansas

Did you know the first stretch limousine was built in the American state of Arkansas, in 1928? It is remarkable that limos have come so far since that time, but they did originate in Arkansas. It did not take long for limos to become a symbol of the best type of transportation that a person can take for a special event or while they are traveling.