10 Myths About Limo Services

A lot of people have preconceived notions about limo services, which prevent them from even trying the service to see if it could help them during different moments. We are going to break down the top ten myths about limo services, and explain why they are simply not true.


  1. Limos are Exclusively for the Rich

It is a complete fantasy that only the rich have something to gain from using a limo service. Since limousines can easily fit between eight to 12 people, the cost is barely something to worry about when you are going out with a big party.


  1. Limousines Only Work for Short Distances

It is understandable to imagine that a massive car such as a limo is only suitable for going short distances. However, limos are built with durability in mind. Even if you spend 24 hours riding in a limo to go from one end of the United States to another state, your car will be performing great until the end.


  1. Rentals are Only for Older Models

When a limousine company is offering rentals to customers for the night, or several days, they are offering their newest vehicles. Every limousine company that is worth anything regularly updates its fleet to ensure the latest and best vehicles are offered to customers.


  1. Limousine Drivers Do Not Speak English

Another assumption that simply should not exist. Limousine drivers speak very good English, even if they are from other parts of the world. Limo companies have a strict hiring policy, which ensures their drivers are suitable for engaging with customers.


  1. Only Business Executives Use Limos

While a corporate executive can benefit from using a limo service, they are not the only ones who can enjoy these rides. A limo can be used for a night out, graduations, weddings, proms, college dances, birthdays and many more events.


  1. Limos are Always Black

While most limos are black, because it is the most stylish and neutral color, it is possible to get a limo of another color for a special event. White limos are a very popular choice, almost as much as black limos.


  1. It is Hard to Find a Reputable Limo Company

If you have not found a reputable limousine rental company in your area, it is because you have not tried hard enough. There are some great companies in the area, and one, in particular, offers a wonderful service at very fair prices.


  1. Limos Cannot Handle Highways

If you live in an area where commuting means getting on the highway, you may worry if a limo can handle the stress. Do not worry, because limos can go a lot faster and longer than you are imagining.


  1. Limo is a Brand Vehicle

There is no brand of vehicles called limousine, as it is a type of vehicle. There are limousines from almost every top brand, such as Rolls Royce, Ford, Hummer, and Cadillac.


  1. Limos Will Cost Me a Lot of Money

We already mentioned how you can cut down the price by riding with many people. But even if you need an individual ride, a limo service to the airport or a specific location will not cost you much more than a regular taxi ride.